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Association of University Evening Colleges (U.S.)
Inclusive Dates:
1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969, 
The Association of University Evening Colleges (AUEC) was formerly (until 1939) the Association of Deans and Directors of University Evening Colleges; in 1973 it became the Association of Continuing Higher Education. AUEC's purpose was to study the problems of the evening college and to encourage mutual interchange and stimulation of ideas among members. The papers of the AUEC consist of minutes of committees, convention records; general correspondence; enrollment statistics; history, including six phono-tapes of oral interviews with staff members; newsletters, including press releases and copy; personnel records, including vitae and correspondence; regional meeting reports; and statistical reports of the AUEC. Major correspondents include members of the Executive Committee, editors of AUEC publications, and various education organizations. Correspondents whose letters are of significant depth and/or duration include: Gurth I. Abercrombie, E. Brandenburg, Alexander N. Charters, Richard T. Deters, Cortrell K. Holsapple, Ralph C. Kendall, Daniel R. Lang, A.A. Liveright, Robert A. Love, Howell McGee, Ernest E. McMahon, Richard A. Matre, Richard A. Mumma, Frank R. Neuffer, George A. Parkinson, Bernard W. Reed, Kenneth W. Riddle, and Edwin H. Spengler.
Type of Material:
Oral histories (document genres)
Adult education
Adult education
Adult education -- United States.
Educators -- United States.
Evening and continuation schools -- United States.