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You may browse collections alphabetically either by title or creator. For example, in the listing by title the Marcel Breuer Papers will be found under M, but in the listing by creator they will be found under B.

About our Finding Aids

  • Search for photographs, correspondence, artwork, memorabilia, rare books and printed works found within our collections.
  • Finding aids are inventories to the contents of archival collections. We give several ways to access Finding aids for the SCRC collections.
  • Note that this is a search of all finding aids that are currently online. It does not search finding aids that are not yet in electronic format, and is therefore an incomplete search of our holdings.
  • Select one or more parameters for your search. Enclose phrases in quotes (e.g. "civil war"). Enter dates in the format yyyy (e.g. 1975) or for date spans, yyyy-yyyy (e.g. 1800-1850). "Type of material" may be photographs, diaries, letters, interviews, scrapbooks, etc. "Any" will search for the term anywhere in the finding aid.
  • If using more than one term, select AND to find collections with both terms; select OR to find collections with any one of the terms.